Studio: Mainframe / Client: Laterooms



In this project, we used paper cut out stylization combined with real photos of the rooms which were projected on simple 3D objects. This technique allows us to have a really stylized look, but at the same time show the rooms how they really look like.  I was responsbile for designing and animating 3D backgrounds around the book and then composition for all of those spots.

Easter egg: In the night scene I did a rough model of Czech Petrin Tower which is also know as small Eifell Tower. 

My role: Animation, Look Development, Composition


Created 2014

Agency: Karmarama
Production Company: Kream

Creative Directors (Kream): Steve Shannon & Jon Harvey

Agency Producer: Georgia Dickinson 

Creatives: Paul & Russ

Account Team: Paul Jacobs & Steve Milburn

Director: Matt Mcdermott

Producer: Imogen Bell

DOP: Karl Watkins

Art Director: Lizzie Bardwell

Art Dept. Assistant: Tim Bifield

Production Runner: Calum Head
Production Assistant: Nicola Holtby

Camera Assistant/Runner: Alfie Oldman


Animation / VFX: Mainframe 

Post Producer: Amy Smith 

Mainframe Team: Jon Yeo / Lee Walker / Diego Ghirardo / Simon Jones / Jan Sladecko
/ Russell Etheridge
tSound Design: Myles @ Grand Central