Studio: The Macula / Client: Ceska Sporitelna



This is a process reel of the project SIM/NEBULA we have done in an international collaboration. 45 minutes of expressively futuristic visual poems, shaping the emergence of cybernetic organism counting down its time code in live acoustic waves of classical music conducted by Jiri Belohlavek and Czech philharmonic orchestra. The story made of seven sections/themes, set against the background of the visual show, which uses technological and creative attributes of projectionmapping, VFX and motion graphics. Project was commissioned by Ceska sporitelna to celebrate 190 years of their existence and the new partnership with the Czech philharmonic.


My role: Animation of one of the parts

Produced 2015

CONCEPT: Amar Mulabegović / The Macula
PRODUCER: Martin Pošta / SIGNAL Festival
MUSIC PERFORMED: Conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and Czech philharmonic orchestra

VIDEO AND EDIT: Michal Ureš, Johana Střížková, Jan Sládečko

PRODUCTION TEAM: Petr Hozman, Roman Dušek, Cyril Hořánek, Lucia Horňáková, Roman Edr, Nikola Lörinczová
3D PRINT: YSoft be3D (
CLIENT: Česka spořitelna

VISUAL ARTISTS: Amar Mulabegović, Can Büyükberber, Osman Koç, Federico Eero Pelat Supranutz, Deniz Kader & Candas Sisman from Nohlab, Simon Jones from SR partners, Istvan Chaotic Atmospheres, Jan Sládečko, Jan Šíma, Petr Foltera, Jakub Zuščín